It is located on the west bank of the Nile includes The Great Pyramids which are one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. They have survived the rise and fall of great dynasties and conquerors, and share the flat desert surrounds with the Sphinx and a number if smaller pyramids and temples.

Over giza plateau we found one of the seven world wonders which is the great pyramid. The area consists of 9 pyramids , 3 main pyramids for the kings & 6 baby pyramids for the wife's & the daughters of the kings, and also found the sphinx which was 'carved' of soft limestone were quarried around the Great Sphinx to give its basic shape. This is why the Great Sphinx appears to sit below the surrounding land in its own 'nook.'
The main Pyramids and the small pyramids around
The solar boat museum
The Great Sphinx "The guardian of the whole cemetery"
Side view of the sphinx and the great pyramid appears in the back ground
The sphinx at night in the sound and light show
A pyramid at night in the sound and light shows
Saqqara has the distinction of being the site of the first large stone structure built in the world. The place where humans began to strive for the impossible, where the imagination gained the power to transform reality.
The step pyramid of Saqqara and remains of temples
Zoom view for the fraise of cobras
Saqqara area including step pyramid and Saqqara walls
Saqqara step pyramid
The complex of Saqqara was surrounded with a lime stone enclosure walls
The remains of the line stone enclosure walls
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