The magic of Egypt has something to attract all travelers. Ancient monuments, temples, fortresses, oases, deserts, ruins, and landscape that are hardly to be found in western world; all together in one country that is Egypt.

Soon after the Nile had established its actual course, man discovered the art of agriculture, and soon started to have the time to meditate most of the phenomenon of nature. Then started to find the cycle of the sun, the moon, floods of the Nile and almost everything has its own cycle, only then the Egyptian started to think of his own cycle, the possibility of living again after death. Eternity and the ability to continue after death like all other phenomena of our universe.

It would be sometimes very difficult to understand the ancient Egyptian art and architecture without thinking of the ancient Egyptian belief in the after life, then the embalming process and the path towards discovering the secrets of our human body.

For all this Egypt seemed to have seduced visitors from all over and surely you yourself would be our guest to witness by yourself the Egyptian experience of life.

Egypt Cities & Tours
The heart of Egypt for more than 1000 years, Cairo demonstrates the dichotomy of all things Egyptian. It's in Cairo where the medieval world and the contemporary western world come together in a confusion of earthen houses and towering modern office buildings, of flashy cars and donkey-drawn carts....
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It is located on the west bank of the Nile includes The Great Pyramids which are one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. They have survived the rise and fall of great dynasties and conquerors, and share the flat desert surrounds with the Sphinx and a number if smaller pyramids and temples....
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Aswan, Egypt's southernmost city has long been the country's gateway to Africa. The prosperous market city straddles the crossroads of the ancient caravan routes, at the 'other' end of the Nile not far above the Tropic of Cancer. In ancient times it was a garrison town known as Swenet (meaning 'Trade'), and it was also....
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Built on the site of the ancient city of Thebes, Luxor is one of Egypt's prime tourist destinations. People have been visiting the magnificent monuments of Luxor, Karnak, Hatshepsut and Ramses III for thousands of years. Feluccas and old barges shuffle along the Nile between the luxury hotel ships....
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Red Sea
It seems a long time since Hurghada was nothing more than a small fishing village and a modest shipyard ignored by the rest of the world including Egyptians, Only in the last 10 years Hurghada started to be the most popular seaside resort in the country, a favorite resort for Egyptians and visitors from all over the world....
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The mighty Macedonian Alexander the Great came to Egypt in 331 BC after conquering Greece and selected a small fishing village on the Mediterranean coast to establish his new capital, Alexandria. The city is oriented around Midan Ramla and Midan Saad Zaghoul, the large square that runs down to the waterfront....
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The Western Desert
Stretching eighty kilometers in length and dotted with limestone, minerals springs and two salt lakes, Siwa has a culture based on dates and olives making it fel rather like the garden of Eden. In the center of the settlement of Shali, the oasis main town, stand some strange, ghostly ruins .These are all the remains of the old....
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