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The team work of Acacia Travel is presenting to you Egypt as a main destination, and other places in The Middle East. Our project is born as a result of a union between 3 persons that have more than twenty five years of experience in the tourism field.

Our enthusiasm to explore new places in the globe, and open new possibilities in different places around the world, for this reason this message is being sent to you in person for you might be interested in integrating with a group of people that may satisfy the travel needs of your company and subsequently tour client.

The magic of Egypt has something to attract all travelers. Ancient monuments, temples, fortresses, oases, deserts, ruins, and landscape that are hardly to be found in western world; all together in one country that is Egypt.

Soon after the Nile had established its actual course, man discovered the art of agriculture, and soon started to have the time to meditate most of the phenomenon of nature. Then started to find the cycle of the sun, the moon, floods of the Nile and almost everything has its own cycle, only then the Egyptian started to think of his own cycle, the possibility of living again after death. Eternity and the ability to continue after death like all other phenomena of our universe.

It would be sometimes very difficult to understand the ancient Egyptian art and architecture without thinking of the ancient Egyptian belief in the after life, then the embalming process and the path towards discovering the secrets of our human body. For all this Egypt seemed to have seduced visitors from all over and surely you yourself would be our guest to witness by yourself the Egyptian experience of life.

It is located on the west bank of the Nile includes The Great Pyramids which are one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. They have survived the rise and fall of great dynasties and conquerors, and share the flat desert surrounds with the Sphinx and a number if smaller pyramids and temples. Over giza plateau we found one of the seven world wonders which is the great pyramid. The area consists of 9 pyramids ...
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